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Monthly Archives: April 2023


Confidential Informants: Can They Be Trusted?

By Hammad S. Matin |

We’ve all seen the way Hollywood treats confidential informants.  While in some cases they are regular ol’ citizens doing the right thing on behalf of their communities, just as often they are people with criminal records themselves—even jailhouse snitches—who are working with detectives in order to lessen their own legal peril.  The fact is,… Read More »

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Unlicensed Drivers Threaten Safety

By Hammad S. Matin |

When a commercial dump truck was stolen by an unlicensed driver in Hampstead, it turned into more than a simple stolen vehicle case. The 26-year old driver went on a joy ride, attempting to evade police, and ultimately smashing into an unsuspecting driver head-on, killing that driver.  It was a dramatic and heart-wrenching conclusion… Read More »

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