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A Look at the Booking Process

Being arrested is an unnerving experience, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Remember to protect your rights and request a lawyer serving Charles County before you make any statements to the police. Immediately after being arrested, the next step is booking. Here is what you can expect if it happens to you.

During booking, an official record is made of your arrest. Your criminal lawyer will not usually be present. Your name and the crime you were arrested for will be entered into a digital record, and your mug shot will be taken and attached to your file. Your clothing and property will be taken into custody, and your fingerprints will be taken. A full-body search happens next, even if you were arrested for a minor charge. The police will also check for outstanding warrants, perform a health screening, and take a DNA sample. Before being transferred to jail, you will be asked about gang affiliations and other relationships that could impact your safety while incarcerated. You do not have to be read your rights before being asked these questions, but be careful what you reveal without a lawyer or legal advice.

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