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La Plata & Waldorf Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Advice for Dressing For Your Criminal Court Appearance

Your criminal defense attorney can help you prepare for court by letting you know what to expect from the proceedings. However, it’s also important to prepare by dressing appropriately since first impressions are critical. An attorney at law near La Plata is likely to advise you to dress as if you’re going to any other formal event, such as a funeral. In other words, your criminal attorney won’t want to see you show up for your appearance wearing a revealing outfit or trendy, bright colors. You could wear a suit, long skirt or dress, or similar attire in subtle colors.

For more tips on dressing for your court appearance, consult your criminal lawyer and watch this video. This video discusses the importance of covering up tattoos, removing piercings, and leaving your jewelry at home. She also offers an in-depth tutorial on appropriate makeup techniques for a court appearance.

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