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Defending Against Armed Robbery Charges


If you’ve been charged with armed robbery, your life could change forever.  That’s because you’re looking at a possible felony conviction, which means serious time behind bars if you’re found guilty.  This is no time to leave your fate to chance:  you need an experienced La Plata & Waldorf criminal defense lawyer fighting on your behalf today.

What Constitutes Armed Robbery? 

Robbery is any theft that involves force—or even the threat of force.  Armed Robbery—known as Robbery with a dangerous weapon (3-405)—is any robbery that occurs while the assailant displays either a dangerous weapon or a note claiming to have a dangerous weapon (even if there is no actual weapon).  What is considered a dangerous weapon?  Obviously, a gun or knife makes the list—but any other item that is potentially dangerous—such as a bat or pipe– could certainly be considered a weapon. Even items that aren’t typically used as weapons, like a flagpole, for instance, could ramp charges up from robbery to armed robbery.  One more thing:  the law doesn’t distinguish between attempted robbery and successful robbery.  So even a botched attempt could land you in the criminal justice system fighting for your future.

What About Using a Toy Gun? 

While in the past there has been a lack of clarity as to whether a toy gun might be included in the definition of a “dangerous weapon,” the Supreme Court clarified the issue to some degree when it held that even a handgun that is not loaded could be considered a dangerous weapon.  Extending the rationale of that decision, simulated weapons that are displayed during a robbery could be viewed in the same light.

Using a Weapon in a Carjacking 

When a vehicle is hijacked from a person who is currently in possession of said vehicle using force or intimidation, it is considered carjacking.  When a dangerous weapon is involved, the charge is armed carjacking.  This, too, is a felony.

Penalties and Options         

 Armed robbery and carjacking are not crimes to be taken lightly in the state of Maryland.  A guilty verdict could result in decades of imprisonment.  Your knowledgeable defense attorney will work to challenge the prosecutor by questioning the reliability of witnesses and any circumstantial evidence against you. Even scientific evidence like fingerprints may be disputed. In some situations, it may be possible to negotiate a reduction in charges or plea deal to reduce your time in custody.  In the best case scenario, the charges could be dropped altogether.

Lawyer Up Now! 

Your future hangs in the balance.  Trust the attorneys at The Law Office of Hammad S. Matin, P.A. to provide the heavy-hitting and relentless defense you deserve.  Schedule a confidential consultation today.



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