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Getting Your Record Expunged

If your criminal record is expunged, it means that all records related to it have been removed from governmental databases and law enforcement courts. Seeking expungement has many benefits, such as the legal right to deny that you were arrested and charged with the crime that was expunged. Consider talking to an attorney about expungement near Charles County. First, your attorney will need to determine whether you may be eligible to seek expunction. There are many circumstances that may lead to expungement, including dismissal of the charge, an acquittal, or a decision by the state’s attorney not to prosecute. Some individuals seek expungement after the court indefinitely postponed their cases or when the charge led to probation before judgment.

Some individuals may need to wait a set period of time after the event before they can file for expungement. After assessing your eligibility for expunction, your attorney at law can fill out the necessary paperwork and file it with the court. You can expect to pay a non-refundable filing fee. Then, a hearing date is set to determine whether your records will be expunged.

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