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Healthy Snacks that Aren’t


Apple puree that’s kosher, gluten-free, and preservative-free to boot!  What better snack food for toddlers! You can imagine the shock parents experienced when they learned that their young children were suffering from lead poisoning after consuming these supposedly healthy snack foods!

 Recalled Foods

 Only after a recall of WanaBana products did some parents learn the source of their children’s poisoning. At least two more companies sold similar products with the same problem in Dollar Tree stores, Sam’s Club, and on Amazon, among other retailers.  Now over 60 cases of lead poisoning across 27 states, including Maryland, have been connected to the consumption of the purees. The product contains 200 times the lead that is allowed by FDA guidance.  How could this happen in America? The snacks have now been recalled.

The Source of the Lead 

An FDA investigation reveals that the lead source in these products is likely the cinnamon contained in the snacks. Inspection of the Ecuadorian plant that produced the purees revealed cinnamon with the excessive lead levels.  It’s possible the cinnamon was contaminated during cultivation or from contaminants in the soil. According to the FDA, it’s starting to look as though “economically motivated adulteration” may be at the root of the problem.  In other words, an intentional decision may have been made to serve economic needs at the cost of children’s health.

Effects of Lead Exposure 

Developing minds and bodies of toddlers and children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead. As their bones grow, they absorb the nutrients—and the toxins—consumed by the child. Babies and young children who experience exposure to excessive amounts of lead can suffer serious consequences to their health. Initial exposure can cause stomach aches, headaches, anemia, and vomiting.  As time goes on, children may experience irritability, fatigue, and muscle aches. But many children experience none of these symptoms, and only later face problems with growth delays, speech and hearing issues, behavior problems, lower IQ’s, and damage to the nervous system and brain are top among those health issues.  In the highest levels, lead poisoning can even result in death. Parents of children who ate the purees in question are already seeing speech delays, learning difficulties, and behavior issues that are being blamed on the lead contained in the fruit snacks.


A simple blood test can detect lead poisoning in children. There are a couple of treatments that may be offered to children who have severe cases:

  • Chelation therapy: an oral medication that assists in the excretion of lead through urine;
  • EDTA chelation therapy: an injected medication that is used in cases where children don’t tolerate chelation therapy.

Legal Recourse 

At The Law Office of Hammad S. Matin, P.A., our experienced LaPlata & Waldorf personal injury attorneys are prepared to assist as you hold the culprits responsible for your child’s illness accountable.  You may be eligible to receive damages to address medical care, therapies, and more.  To discuss, schedule a confidential consultation today.



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