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How to Behave if You’re Under Arrest

First impressions do matter, particularly when interacting with police officers. It’s always advisable to exercise your legal rights in a polite, non-confrontational manner. Regardless of what you’re being arrested for, it’s also important to request a criminal lawyer right away. There are many advantages to hiring a criminal defense lawyer in La Plata. For example, he or she will provide an invaluable “buffer zone” between you and the police officers.

Refuse to Consent to a Search

If a police officer has a search warrant or probable cause to search your home, vehicle, or other property, you do not have the right to refuse. However, if the police officer does not have the authority to conduct a search and requests your permission to do so, your criminal lawyer would likely advise you to refuse. Contrary to what some police officers might say, refusal to consent to a search does not indicate that you are guilty of a criminal offense.

Speak in a Respectful Manner

When refusing your consent for a search and in all other interactions with police officers, it’s imperative to speak in a professional, polite manner. Use an even tone of voice—even if you become frustrated—and avoid swearing. Police officers can use various tactics to delay your processing and your case if they feel you are being antagonistic toward them. In some cases, a person who is behaving belligerently toward police officers may even be charged with additional crimes, such as resisting arrest or assaulting an officer.

Answer Certain Questions

You should never answer any questions about the alleged incident without speaking to your criminal attorney first. Maintain your silence even if you feel that explaining the incident would lead to your release from jail or dropped charges. It’s all too easy to inadvertently say something that might jeopardize your case later. However, you do need to answer certain questions for your processing. Your criminal defense lawyer would advise you to provide your name, address, and similar identifying information.

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