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Maryland Man Arrested in Delaware for Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer


A man surrendered to police in Delaware after he was being searched for by Maryland police for assaulting a law enforcement officer. A dog tracked him more than a mile before he finally surrendered.

The man was arrested for multiple charges on multiple charges, one of which was being a fugitive from another state. Police from Delaware questioned him about recent break-ins to a park believing that he was a person of interest. It was then that they discovered that he was wanted in Maryland for assaulting a law enforcement officer. He waived extradition back to Maryland.

What is Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer? 

Assault on a law enforcement officer is similar to other charges of assault in that it is unwanted touching of another individual with the intent to threaten or harm that individual. In the event of assault on a law enforcement officer, there is still assault in the first or second degree, but there doesn’t actually have to be any injury. If there is injury, then the penalty is even more harsh. In order to be convicted, there must be severe bodily injury to the police.

Assaulting a law enforcement officer is a very serious crime. It is automatically a misdemeanor to assault an officer, and that includes probation officers or officers if you’re in jail. They’re all considered law enforcement. Even security agents and mall security officers can be considered law enforcement officers if they are official officers for the state of Maryland.

Assault on a law enforcement officer in Maryland requires the same elements as assault in the second degree. Someone committing second-degree assault may be found guilty under any one of three individual categories:

  • Intent to Frighten – This is when an individual purposely frightens another person with immediate offensive physical harm or contact.
  • Attempted Battery – This happens when an individual attempts to cause offensive physical harm or contact.
  • Battery Theory Under Second Degree Assault – In this situation, an individual may be convicted if he or she causes any offensive physical contact with another person.

Penalty for Assault on a Maryland Law Enforcement Officer? 

If you are convicted of second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, you could face up to ten years in jail and a fine up to $5,000. Second degree assault on a law enforcement officer is also classified as a felony charge.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help 

Many times, assault on a law enforcement officer results when an individual is being arrested or detained and the individual allegedly assaulted the law enforcement officer. In some situations, if there were no serious injuries to the law enforcement officer an experienced criminal defense attorney can have the charges dropped. There are also some situations in which self-defense could be used as a defense for the charge.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Hammad S. Matin have decades of experience handling criminal cases and can review your case and develop the best possible defense strategy for your charges. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located Maryland office.



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