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What are Mandatory Sentences for Drug Crimes?

If you’re facing a charge related to a drug crime, you can speak with a criminal attorney near Waldorf MD regarding the potential consequences. Criminal law is highly complex and is subject to change. Your criminal lawyer can inform you if you may be facing a mandatory minimum sentence. A mandatory minimum sentence means that a sentence is the minimum consequence that a judge can impose. For example, if you’re convicted of a first offense of manufacturing, distributing, or possessing 28 grams or more of morphine or opium, the judge must impose a minimum jail term of five years. However, depending on the circumstances, a judge may decide to impose a harsher sentence.

Since mandatory sentences vary depending on the specific charge and the amount of the drug—and since not all drug crimes warrant mandatory sentences—it’s best to consult a criminal lawyer regarding your case. Your attorney at law can also advise you regarding any recent changes to the law. In early 2015, Maryland lawmakers were considering eliminating mandatory minimum sentences altogether.

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