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La Plata & Waldorf Criminal Defense Lawyer
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What Are Some Potential Defenses Against Homicide Charges?

Homicide charges carry some of the most severe legal penalties, including the potential for life in prison. As soon as possible after your arrest or as soon as you discover you’re under investigation, contact a criminal defense attorney near La Plata. The sooner you contact a criminal lawyer, the sooner he or she can begin planning your defense. Your defense depends on the circumstances of your case. Primarily, there are two approaches that your criminal lawyer might use. He or she may argue that you did not commit the crime or that you committed a justifiable homicide.

If your attorney at law argues that you did not kill the victim, he or she will attempt to undermine the integrity of the evidence against you. Remember that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. It is not necessary to prove that you are innocent, only that there is insufficient evidence of guilt. On the other hand, if your criminal lawyer argues that it as a justified homicide, he or she may introduce evidence to try to prove that you acted in self-defense or in defense of others. Another possibility is arguing that the victim died accidentally, which may constitute a manslaughter charge, rather than a murder charge.

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