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What Not to Do if You Are Pulled Over for Drunk Driving


If you are pulled over for drunk driving it is important to know the best way to respond. Remaining calm and knowing what not to do can greatly help you in this stressful situation. Following these basic tips is a great first step. If you find yourself under arrest for drunk driving, contact a drunk driving lawyer to help with your case. Hiring an attorney who is experienced in these matters is essential. Do not play with your future and try to defend these charges on your own.

Do Not Admit to Drinking 

You should never admit that you have been drinking to an officer. This is one of the first questions the officer will likely ask you. You may be tempted to tell the officer you have been drinking a small amount. You are not required to answer this question, and it is safer that you not respond. An officer has pulled you over because he believes you may have been drinking but he does not have concrete proof. You do not want to admit to drinking and face serious risk of being arrested right then.

The officer pulled you over because you were doing something while driving that he believes is illegal. Suspicious driving includes speeding, swerving, following too closely, and crossing lines. The officer will take this behavior along with personal observations made while he pulled you over to determine if a drunk driving arrest is warranted. The officer will look to see if you have red glassy eyes, slow or slurred speech, disheveled speech and appearance, and the odor of alcoholic beverages is present.

Refuse to Take a Field Sobriety Test

Field sobriety tests are designed to test a person’s motor skills. Failing to pass a field sobriety test can mean a driver’s normal coordination is impaired by alcohol. The issue is these tests are not normal and most people would have difficulty performing them even if their coordination was not impaired. Many factors will play into the outcome of these tests including your nerves, time of day, and basic coordination skills. The added stress of being pulled over by an officer for a serious offense will make any person nervous. This nervous behavior may be signs of drinking when it is simply stress.

In Maryland, when you sign for your driver’s license you also expressly consent to take a blood or breath test if requested by an officer to determine whether your driving is impaired due to alcohol. However, this applies to blood or breath test but not field sobriety tests. As such, you have the right to refuse these tests.

Do Not Become Argumentative

Always remain calm and polite when dealing with police officers. You have the right to refuse certain questions and tests but you should always do so in a soft and non-confrontational manner. The officer will be looking for ways to prove you are guilty of drunk driving. Do not let him provoke you into an argument. This can lead to additional charges. It is in your best interest to always remain calm, relaxed, and under control. Thinking clearly and remaining cooperative can have a profound effect.

Arrested for DUI? Hire an Attorney Now

Knowing what you do not have to do during a drunk driving stop is very useful. But if you are still arrested for drunk driving, a La Plata and Waldorf criminal defense lawyer is available to fight your charges. Hiring an experienced attorney will provide you the strongest defense to fight this serious crime. Contact the Law Office of Hammad S. Matin, P.A. for a free consultation today.



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