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Monthly Archives: October 2019


Driving Under Marijuana Influence in Maryland

By Hammad S. Matin |

Driving under the influence of marijuana is one of the most dangerous activities. Unfortunately, in America, this is not a very rare occurrence either. In fact, in the month of June 2019, 15 million people were recorded to have driven a car within one hour of marijuana consumption. This survey is indeed an alarming… Read More »

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Everything You Need to Know About Public Intoxication in Maryland

By Hammad S. Matin |

Laws related to public intoxication vary from state to state. This makes it important to understand the laws specific to your location. Before we delve deeper into Maryland’s specific laws regarding public intoxication, let’s discuss what constitutes public intoxication. What is Public Intoxication? Maryland considers drinking alcoholic beverages or getting intoxicated in a public… Read More »

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