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Monthly Archives: November 2021


Have You Been Charged With Criminal Organization Activity?

By Hammad S. Matin |

Gang activity is rampant in Maryland, making it a priority for law enforcement and prosecutors alike.  If you have been charged with criminal activities as part of a gang, you can expect the full weight of the prosecutor’s office to land on you.  That’s why having just any defense attorney is not going to… Read More »

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When Surgeons Leave Unwanted Gifts In Your Body

By Hammad S. Matin |

While it’s difficult to imagine, thousands of surgery patients suffer months—even years of distress—because a retained foreign body is inadvertently left behind due to medical personnel errors.  When items such as clamps, forceps, sponges and other items are left behind after an operation, there can be  severe repercussions, and even death.  If your or… Read More »

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