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Monthly Archives: June 2022


Wrongful Arrests And Convictions In Maryland

By Hammad S. Matin |

17 years.  That’s how long David Morris spent in prison after being found guilty of felony murder based primarily on eyewitness testimony that was ultimately proven to be wrong.  The exoneration is no doubt welcomed by Morris and his family and supporters; but those 17 years can never be redeemed. The Case Against Morris … Read More »

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Medical Malpractice: Opioids

By Hammad S. Matin |

The opioid epidemic has been well documented across the country.  More and more, we are hearing about lawsuits against prescribing physicians who recklessly lead patients to addiction, and sometimes even overdose. Case in Point  One important case involved Dr. George Blatti, who is accused of prescribing opiates to patients he’d never met, or, in… Read More »

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